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Meet Dr. Feldman, your personal concierge doctor.

In today’s confusing healthcare system and tight economy, too often patients are treated like assembly line parts, waiting on line to be fit into a fast 10 minutes on their doctor’s schedule.

But not so with Dr. Bruce L. Feldman, concierge doctor.

As your personal doctor, Dr. Feldman is your primary physician, on-the-ready to provide the individual attention you need and the time you deserve. As your concierge doctor, Dr. Feldman offers you the perfect combination of individual connection and professional care.

Dr. Feldman is a Board-Certified internist who believes in building a long-term relationship with you. This translates into taking the time to listen to you, understand your concerns, and treat you as a full person with an unique complex of health and wellness needs. Over time, as your personal physician, he can provide you and your family with continuity of care unparalleled by most other pressured practitioners. CLICK HERE to see the difference.

Just imagine a personal doctor who is committed to 24/7/365 care, who picks up the phone himself, and who even makes house calls—and then call Dr. Bruce L. Feldman—your concierge physician with the personal practice.

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